What can Quantum Biofeedback Therapy assist me with?

The vast aspects of our Physiology, Anatomy and Emotions that come up for each individual person really is quite something! Often old injuries show up to also reveal to your practitioner to show where there is imbalance. Higher Health can test for and is not limited to; Spinal Energy, Digestion, Hormones, Electrical Sensitivities, Organs, Chemical Sensitivities, Glands, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals, Brain EEG, Brain Anatomy, Neurotransmitters, and Emotions. Herbs, Essential oils, Back Flower Essences, Homeopathic Remedies frequencies are also integrated and included in Personal Playlists.

Below is a small sample of what Higher Health has to work with when scanning for your issues, whether they be Physical / Body, Mental / Mind or Emotional / Biofield related.

ADD and ADHD Assessment and Solutions

Addiction Assessment and Solutions - Neurotransmitters, Type, Emotional, Thought Patterns, Brain, Nutritional.

Adrenal Assessments and Solutions for your - Stress Index Anatomy


Alzheimer's Assessments and Solutions

Autism Assessment and Solutions Program

Bone Health Assessments and Solutions for the Anatomy - Arms, Hands, Chest, Feet, Head, legs, Shoulders and Spine

Brain Assessments and Solutions for - Brain balancing, Hemispheres and Brain Waves
Cortisol Rhythm and Cranial nerves

Brain Clearing - Glymphatic System, Tune-Up and Tonify Program

Cancer Rife Frequency Program

Digestive Assessments and Solutions for your - Digestive Organs, Food plans, Lifestyle, Gallbladder Disturbance, Diverticulitis.

Stomach Acid Balance Activation

Eye Health, Trauma and Vision Disorders

Food Allergy Testing - Cortisol, Digestive, Nutritional and food Allergy testing,

Healing Hidden Infections Assessments and Solutions - Biofilm Disturbance. Biofilm Energetic Solutions Antimicrobials, Enzymes, Clays

Immune Resilience program

Candida Disturbance Assessment and Solutions - Alkalize, Remedies, Infections, Parasites

Healing Hidden Infections - Immune System Assessment and Solutions - Infections, Parasites

Heart Health Assessment and Solutions - Frequencies Affirmations, Frequencies Metaphysical, Frequencies Physical, Essential Oils, Cholesterol Assessment and Solutions, Hormone Conditions.

Heart and Circulation Optimization Program

Herpes Virus Rife frequencies

Matridonial Remedies - Gifts of The Mother, the womb from which all things come

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Assessment - Energetic, Anatomy, Remedies

Parkinson's Assessments and Solutions Program

Spinal Misalignments and Meridians -

Vessel Health, Assessment and Solutions

Women's Reproductive System

Hormone's Infection Assessment and Solutions - Including viruses and remedies.

Weight Release Assessments and Solutions

Choose your Frequency Options to suit your needs

If you have subscribed to Indigo, Green or Gold, you will have the option to choose your bonus playlist

Sleep Solutions
Money Magnetizing Program - Frequencies for Manifesting, Clearing Negative Beliefs and Obstacles plus more
Home Check and Clear, Cleansing Vibrational Upgrade, Clear & Direct Positive Energy, Manifest My Space, Clear Geopathic Stress, Home Upgrade, Clear to Create, Prosperity and Pleasure, Lay lines.
Spinal Misalignments - Meridians and their affiliated Affirmations.
Stem Cell Activation Frequencies Divine Consciousness Global Healing - Lifting the vail of illusion, transmuting negative effects from Earthbound programing and coercion, Unraveling Ego Attachments, Realignment of Human Connection, Love & Relationships, Cancelling Poverty and financial strain, Global Enlightenment, Unity Consciousness and Peace....and much more.

SARS CoV-2 and Shedding Assessments and Solutions (please feel free to chat with me about this vast and thorough Playlist).

Archangel Blessings.

The Will to Live Program - For Dissolving and Transmuting Negative Belief Systems, Self-harmful thoughts, Suicide, Depression.

Sacred Geometry Playlist.

Quit Smoking Success and Ease Withdrawal Program

If you feel like you need some more some help in deciding on which Membership will suit your needs, you can click here to contact Michelle via phone or Email and we can arrange for a private discussion.